Saturday, July 05, 2008

Should I punish Kelly, the red fish?

This is Kelly below. There once were Kelly - the red fish - and Poli - the blue fish. Kelly and Poli did not get along well, despite being female Betas. They arrived here at home very little. Since then, Kelly would chase Poli. Kelly grew and developed. Poli stayed small and was always stressed and hiding. I actually suspect Poli slowly and painfully developed hormonal and mental problems because of Kelly. Kelly had no pitty on Poli. She would bite and run after Poli whenever possible. Was it just because Poli was blue? Was it just because Poli existed? Poli couldn't sleep. She became sick and eventually died.

Should I punish Kelly? Should I, as the overall watcher, do justice? Should I kill Kelly? It wouldn't make sense, since I would be punishing Kelly with the same action she is guilt of. Should I leave Kelly unpunished? That would just mean there was no ultimate justice.
Should I care? That is, is the question worth considering? If not, is the overall watcher heartless?

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Eduardo Mano said...

I really think you should do whatever pleases you, since fish are irrational beings with short-term memories.

But what if you owned a dog? Wouldn't you punish you dog for ruining your clothes, shoes and furniture? Wouldn't you be able to punish your dog for doing wrong and bad things and still love it?

If a person keeps workers as slaves, underfeeding them, giving them horrible and life-threatening conditions, should he go unpunished?

Anyway, there was this time when me and my wife went out to buy ourselves a couple of Beta fishes. We were told that no matter whether we bought two male, two female or one of each, we should keep them separated, otherwise one would kill the other. Perhaps that’s what happened in your case…