Saturday, September 24, 2005

Knowledge Representation: Logical, Philosophical, and Computational Foundations

Ok, now it's the second time I write this stuff. It's about this book:

Knowledge Representation: Logical, Philosophical, and Computational Foundations
ISBN: 0534949657
by John F. Sowa

This is one of my favorites. It's a very good book. Particularly, I like the part on logics, and their representation. It reminded me a lot of the classes I had in Computer Science avec professor Vanderley at UFRGS. One of the nice parts is that one where the guy rewrites geometrical axioms with circles because of (philosophical? Metaphysical?) flaws in the traditional geometrical definitions of point, line and squares. The parts on deontic logic are kool! This whole book is kool! One day when I have money I'll buy it. Thank goodness for the library!

Hey, I know this editor in this blogger

Hey, I know this editor in this blogger. It looks like a terrible product I used for DFAIT's CMS portal. Something like ActivEdit. I just couldn't deploy their latest version, and they just didn't want to refund the money. And that's not a good product either. I just lost my second posting in this blog here because my pop-ups were blocked by my Google bar plug-in in my browser. And the editing area just cleared my posting! No wonder people don't like computers. They are still so dumb.

First blog posting

Hi, this is my first blog posting. I thought I would at least list the subjects I'd like to talk about in the future. I'm not even sure if there will be any audience... I thought that at least when I die there could be a collection of thoughts and interests here, and my great grandsons may know a bit of myself. Maybe the postings will be indexed, and other people with the same interests will find some buzzword here. Anyway, here's the list of topics for the future: God, family, Math, Computer Science, music and RFID among others.