Saturday, July 14, 2012

Angry Words - part 3

I'm searching for what to say about angry words still. The things I thought about saying seem a bit cliché. I can say that there is a place for angry words. The problem is that these anabaptists know a lot about conflict and conflict resolution and I don't. I thought about saying that angry words may be "a good thing". But they create tension and conflict. Is it a good kind of conflict? Is there such a thing as 'good conflict'? There appears to be. However how different is this justification for 'good conflict' from other, such as invading a country for the good of the foreign country?

Friday, July 13, 2012

Angry Words - part 2

So, I'm listening to Juan José Tamoyo speaking at Clade V (recorded video, some hours later), where he speaks of the utopia as the hope of the theology. And I have to contrast that with the pessimism of feelings of suffering and angry words. That by itself, and as a starting point, frankly, sounds too simplistic and 'out of touch with reality'. I thought I could say that there is a distinction between angry words and indifference. Because angry words can be good. But can indifference be good? In any case, I can't run to say that angry words are good disregarding indifference.

Angry Words

  That's the title of the Sunday that I'll preach at my local church. It will be the first time I'll preach at the church. I'm in trouble. I have 3 weeks to come up with something.
  This thing about religion turns personal to me. I myself believe that one cannot read this mystery without bringing into it his/her own history and being. Therefore, any view of this mystery is personal.
  And I begin with heavy questions. What is there to be said, if anything, about religion and God? Why bother?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Domain, subdomain and deleting cookies

I was trying to delete with server-side code (C#) a mix of cookies types: some had the domain as the sub-domain, others had just the base domain without the sub-domain prefix. I wasn't able to delete the cookies of the base domain, since the running domain was the sub-domain. (Also, in C#, the cookie domain was null, so I had to use the request domain)
  This is what I did: I set pairs of expired cookies:

Func getBaseDomain = (someDomain) =>  System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace(someDomain, @"(.+)((:?\..+){2,4})", "$2");

                    var responseCookie = new HttpCookie(cookieName);
                    responseCookie.Domain = Request.Url.Host;                  
                    responseCookie.Expires = DateTime.Now.AddYears(-1);

                    // try also to issue an expired cookie - to 'remove it'
                    // like - the one before but
                    // with the base domain. That is, without the sub-domain prefix.
                    // The cookie can only be deleted
                    // if the domain in the response matches exactly that
                    // assumed by the browser.

                    var responseCookie2 = new HttpCookie(cookieName);
                    responseCookie2.Domain = getBaseDomain(Request.Url.Host);
                    responseCookie2.Expires = DateTime.Now.AddYears(-1);


Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Música "O Sabão" versão gospel

Cantar com a melodia de "Sabão Crá-crá" dos Mamonas na igreja com as crianças:

Sabão crá-crá, sabão crá-crá, o sangue de Cristo hoje vai te lavar
Sabão cré-cré, sabão cré-cré, a bênção vai vir, só precisa ter fé
Sabão cri-cri, sabão cri-cri, se tu tá de pé cuida pra não cair
Sabão cró-cró, sabão cró-cró, amém, glória a Deus, põe a cara no pó
Sabão cru-cru, sabão cru-cru, cuidado, não toque no ungidooooo senão pega Exú