Friday, July 15, 2016

Installing ActionML PIO + UR - surprise downloading dependency Scala jar

I'm following the upgrade document from http://www.actionml.com/docs/install to get ActionML installed/upgraded ( see previous posts ). When running ./make-distribution.sh I get this error:

[info] [SUCCESSFUL ] org.scala-lang#jline;2.10.4!jline.jar (792ms)
[info] downloading https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/org/fusesource/jansi/jansi/1.4/jansi-1.4.jar ...
[info] [SUCCESSFUL ] org.fusesource.jansi#jansi;1.4!jansi.jar (232ms)
[warn] ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
[warn] ::              FAILED DOWNLOADS            ::
[warn] :: ^ see resolution messages for details  ^ ::
[warn] ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
[warn] :: org.scala-sbt#ivy;0.13.7!ivy.jar
[warn] ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
sbt.ResolveException: download failed: org.scala-sbt#ivy;0.13.7!ivy.jar
at sbt.IvyActions$.sbt$IvyActions$$resolve(IvyActions.scala:278)
at sbt.IvyActions$$anonfun$updateEither$1.apply(IvyActions.scala:175)
at sbt.IvyActions$$anonfun$updateEither$1.apply(IvyActions.scala:157)
at sbt.IvySbt$Module$$anonfun$withModule$1.apply(Ivy.scala:151)
at sbt.IvySbt$Module$$anonfun$withModule$1.apply(Ivy.scala:151)
at sbt.IvySbt$$anonfun$withIvy$1.apply(Ivy.scala:128)
at sbt.IvySbt.sbt$IvySbt$$action$1(Ivy.scala:56)
at sbt.IvySbt$$anon$4.call(Ivy.scala:64)
at xsbt.boot.Locks$GlobalLock.withChannel$1(Locks.scala:93)
at xsbt.boot.Locks$GlobalLock.xsbt$boot$Locks$GlobalLock$$withChanne

I have a fast and reliable Internet connection here at the office. Retrying resolved the problem.

ActionML PredictionIO upgrade - tricky details

I'm trying to install ActionML PredictionIO and the Universal Recommender ( see previous posts ). Now I'm following the documentation to upgrade at http://www.actionml.com/docs/install .
Some tricky details:
  - The documentation has a step with sudo su aml that will switch to the aml user. Later on it has steps such as rm -r ~/.ivy2, but you should remember not to run as the aml user!

- The documentation tells you to run ./make-distribution but they meant ./make-distribution.sh instead.

PredictionIO: Upgrading or Installing?

  After installing ActionML's PredictionIO + Universal Recommender with the "quick install" methods failed, I'm told by someone in the discussion group that I must "upgrade". And so I go to

It's not clear if this page is for installing fresh or upgrading. The page has an "Upagrade"  section and a "Install Fresh" section after, in the middle of the page.