Saturday, April 26, 2014

Encrypting Emails with Mailvelope

In this video I show how to encrypt emails using Mailvelope. Mailvelope is an open-source project that works for Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook and other webmail services. This video shows a step-by-step example on how to encrypt and decrypt emails using Mailvelope.

Como Encriptar Emails (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc)

Aqui está um vídeo que explica como encriptar emails usando o Mailvelope. Mailvelope é um projeto de código-livre que funciona para Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook e outros serviços de email. O vídeo mostra um exemplo de encriptação e desencriptação passo a passo.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Peoples' Social Forum 2014 in Ottawa - invitations to-date

I met with Reverend Brian Cornelius of the First United Church in Ottawa on the 16th of April. It was a nice meeting. He asked about the current endorsers. Other parishioners related to unions had already mentioned the Peoples' Social Forum to him. He will ask the church council on the 29th if they will formally endorse the forum.
I emailed folks from the First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa twice, with different emails, asking to meet them. That was about one month ago. I got no response.
I emailed today the Canadian Friends Service Committee, inviting them to come to the forum and endorse it.
I put a post on the Canadian Centre for Progressive Christianity Facebook group inviting all to participate, but I didn't see any reply.
I emailed Reverend Joel Crouse at the St John Lutheran Church weeks ago. I emailed the church because they are listed as members of The Open Table. The council of the church met and he sent me this reply:

"Hello Gustavo,
Sorry for the late reply.  I took your proposal to our church council meeting and, while we applaud this initiative, we regret to inform you that we are not interested at this time.  We will, however, advertise the upcoming  forum within our publications for individual interest.
God bless you in your ministry.

Be well and serve,

Rev Joel Crouse
St John Lutheran Church, Pastor "

Peoples' Social Forum in Ottawa, August 21-24, 2014

I am excited with the upcoming Peoples' Social Forum happening in August here in Ottawa. I'm inviting different religious organizations and people by email to participate too. I'll post here on my blog the different invitations and responses I get. I'm inviting organizations and people to participate in the fora, to meet coordinators, to advertise the forum and to formally endorse it.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

"Camus vê o Cristo como um homem, não como um sábio"

Trecho pequeno da entrevista com Arnaud Corbic na Revista Le Point número 15. (Tradução do Gustavo)
"Camus vê o Cristo como um homem, não como um sábio"

'Le Point: Camus era um ateu?
Arnaud Corbic: Não, ele até se defende de ser. Ele escreveu nos seus Cadernos: "Eu leio frequente que eu sou ateu, e ouço falar do meu ateísmo. Essas palavras não me dizem nada, elas não têm sentido pra mim. Eu não creio em Deus e eu não sou ateu." É um agnóstico para quem a questão da existência de Deus é filosoficamente indecidível. Mas é um agnóstico consequente: ele assume essa condição e vive como se Deus não existisse.'

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

"Camus is not a reformer"

This is part of an interview with Lou Marin published on the magazine "Le Point" number 15, about Albert Camus. Gustavo's translation.

You affirm that with his measured conception of revolt, Camus is close to the libertarian streams. How so?
There is a strong non-violent and anti-authoritarian stream at the core of the libertarian thought, and Camus is very close to it. He is not a reformer. The revolt, he says, has a relation with the revolution. But this revolution has to be made in favour of life, not against it. That is to say, in advancing History without terror, or without violence. His conception of revolt goes through a moment of total denial of oppression, questioning all domination. A moment when the power is on the streets. We saw that recently at Tahrir Square in Egypt or Taksim Place in Turkey... To Camus, this first moment, non-violent, has to remain the ideal of the revolution. Otherwise it betrays the origin of the revolt. When the revolution is faithful to its original values, Camus supports it.
He fought along with libertarians for the cause of conscientious objectors, those men who refused to take arms. Why does he maintain that so much?
He has always claimed the right to be a conscientious objector. To him, England had shown the excellency of its system by not suppressing this right, even during the war. He brought his support to the pacifist militant Louis Lecoin who, during the 50s, launched a campaign in favour of conscientious objectors. People blame sometimes Camus for being silence on the Algerian question in 1957 and 1958. Therefore we must be aware that at the time, to make one public declaration in favour of conscientious objectors could not not have influence!

"Can we make a party of those who are not sure to be right?", wrote Camus in Défense de l'homme in 1949... Is it not that deep inside, more than a libertarian, he was fundamentally a skeptic?
This was a sentence pronounced against the communist and Marxist ideology which, according to him, seeks to always be right, and has always seen the future in detriment of the present. But to Camus, we cannot sacrifice men to shorten the path towards a dreamed future. He was one of those who did not want to hide a truth in the name of an ideology. And for him, the writer has to speak through the weak, the oppressed, the conquered in History. He himself, because of tuberculosis, always felt near of a certain form of weakness... In his Carnets, he wrote "property is murder". That goes very far!