Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Language comparisons

Continuing with the comparisons: Perl is German, Dutch is awk. I remember one quote now from a quotation service delivered by email. The guy wrote something like this: "I speak with French with men, Italian with women, Spanish with God and German with my dog".

Prophecies - I

I prophecy that RDF will be a de facto standard as popular as pure XML. I prophecy that SPARQL will be used a lot. I prophecy that network management will use some kind of ontology-based representation of the devices and their capabilities. I prophecy that agents will use inference over the network data to heal network deficiencies. I don't believe in mobile agents, but once in a while I think of scenarios in networking where 'mobile', scripted agents roam the network for various functions, like healing and diagnostics. Or for dynamic functions, like dynamically loading drivers, etc.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Voz, Guilherme Kerr, Jorge Rehder

da Canata Luz

Voz do que clama no deserto,
Prepara o caminho do Senhor,
Chama essa gente,
É hoje o tempo de retornar a Deus

Voz do que clama no deserto,
Prepara o caminho do Senhor,
Chama essa gente,
É hoje o tempo de ouvir a voz de Deus

O sol se levanta com seu ardente calor,
A erva seca e cai sua flor,
Mas a Palavra do Senhor
Existe para sempre

O sol se levanta com seu ardente calor,
Verá a terra a glória do Senhor
Verá a terra a glória do Senhor

Voz do que clama no deserto

Monday, November 14, 2005

Mobius strip

I was really glad to be able to create my own harmonic distance using a Mobius 'harmonic' stip. In using some of Mazzola's and Schonberg's ideas I was able to integrate Humdrum extra harmonic analyzer along with Melisma, and created my own measurement of harmonic distance for a piece of music. The basic idea is that jumping from degree to degree the person walks in the Mobius strip. I then measure the average distance per harmonic change. That's cool!

Humdrum extra extras, Melisma

Ok, I was able to fix the problem with Humdrum and Melisma. Something happened within tsroot for certain Syphonies that produced bad input to Melisma. It seems to be related to the transformation of time between the Melisma format and Humdrum format, which is handled by a Perl script. I was able to use grep to take out these bad lines. Then the 'key' tool in Melisma was blowing up. It just so happened that it holds everything in memory, and a Symphony was blowing up! I had to increase the amount of memory for the data structures, and it was able to go ahead and do its job. Oh boy...

Friday, November 11, 2005

Humdrum extras or coding problem

Now I have a problem with the "Humdrum Extras" package. It's either a bug in the package, or a problem in the encoding of Hydn's Symphonie Nr. 100. I knew that the loose ASCII-based encoding mixed with regular expressions and shell scripts would give this kind of problem sooner or later. There's some grammatical problem with mixing all these musical layers into one flat file. Now I'm left with a problem saying "error: trailing tab character in line: |". Right, that's very helpful... :( And I searched the original text file of the Symphony and there's no one line with just a 'pipe' character. I'll see what I'll do... Why didn't they code this in XML to begin with?

Monday, November 07, 2005

The Melisma Music Analyzer

I just downloaded the " Melisma Music Analyzer" from http://www.link.cs.cmu.edu/music-analysis/. Cool! And I could compile it withouth problems on Windows using Cygwin. Let's see if now I can get tsroot from humdrum extras to do some musical analysis for me now!