Friday, November 11, 2005

Humdrum extras or coding problem

Now I have a problem with the "Humdrum Extras" package. It's either a bug in the package, or a problem in the encoding of Hydn's Symphonie Nr. 100. I knew that the loose ASCII-based encoding mixed with regular expressions and shell scripts would give this kind of problem sooner or later. There's some grammatical problem with mixing all these musical layers into one flat file. Now I'm left with a problem saying "error: trailing tab character in line: |". Right, that's very helpful... :( And I searched the original text file of the Symphony and there's no one line with just a 'pipe' character. I'll see what I'll do... Why didn't they code this in XML to begin with?

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Anonymous said...

> "error: trailing tab character in line: |"

That means that there is a tab character at the end of a line. The line number is printed incorrectly as a character, but should have been a number. (or perhaps it was on line 1, and you mistyped it? :-)

It would be helpful to run the main Humdrum Toolkit program called "humdrum" on the file to see if the file's syntax is legal:

humdrum file.krn

If there are any syntax problems, then the humdrum command will report them. In this case it should complain about a trailing tab character and give you the correct line in the file on which it occurs.