Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The theologians of the death of God - part 1

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"Some disciples of Bultmann such as H. Braun, D. Sölle and P. van Buren among others radicalized even more the positions of Bultmann. After Kant [...] we definitely should exclude any objectivity of God, even the denomination of spirit and person. God is not an object of knowledge nor does he simply exist like the other realities. He happens inside the human life. He is that happening that allows the love to appear and in which the evildoer and despaired receive hope and future. And so he does not constitute an superior instance, a divine essence that causes the world and grants the award or punishment as each one deserves. To think of God like that would frame him inside metaphysical or linguistic categories [...]. Therefore both Braun and the protestant theologian D. Sölle further affirm: the acceptance of the divinity is not a presupposition to be a christian. One can be atheist and christian. Ernst Bloch, going one step further, formulated in a book title the following paradox: 'Only a good christian can be an atheist and only a good atheist can be a christian'. P. van Buren suggested to scrape definitively the name of God. With that evidently these radical authors are not voicing a vulgar atheism. God continues to accomplish a function: he is the symbol towards the behaviour that Christ required from all: unbounded love and disinterested obedience to the calls of unlimited reciprocity. Wherever that happens, God is present there (Braun)."
  Fragment of the book "Jesus Christ Liberator", L. Boff, Vozes, ISBN 978-85-326-0640-2, p. 210.  Free translation by Gustavo Frederico.

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