Sunday, October 11, 2009

The emerging church in Latin America: Christ present in the other 3

"We can say that it [the libertarian spirituality] expresses itself in a demanding lifestyle, radical even, that:
 - assumes a simple way of life, but not naïve;
 - experiences the grace of God as an opening to the suffering, debilitated, despised other and seeks a respectful approximation;
- understands the struggle for justice and transformation of structures as a challenge to faith itself and not as something optional;
- understands conversion as a continuous process of change of mentality and attitudes, from the interpellation of God in the other, in whom Christ presents himself to us sub contrario;
- learns to live with the doubt and the uncertainty, without losing to them;
- opens up to the diversity of human reality, taking advantage of the interpretations of other sciences besides theology;
- resists temptation and because of that learns not to judge others, but to perceive the radicalness of what it means to love its neighbour as oneself.
- learns to listen to the word of God and to hear the other with double attention.

Roberto E. Zwetsch "Missão no horizonte do Reino" in "Teologia Prática no Contexto da América Latina"
ISBN 85-233-0467-3
ASTE, Sinodal Press

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