Friday, July 03, 2009

Do you want to go back to Bahia?

Dear ___,
I thought I would capture some of my first impressions going back to Brazil after 11 years in Canada. As you may know, I really don't like the Brazilian 'jeitinho'. I think that this article in French from Wikipedia summarizes well the 'jeitinho'.
The impression that I have of seeing Brazil back again - now as an adult - is that of a place where one needs to bend the rules to succeed or even survive. Laws and rules are 'suggestions'. There is no such thing as a global, universal and formal social contract. The daily lives are shaped by a large series of 'small' violations and abuses that go almost unnoticed.
I don't know what are the social factors behind this motivation to bend/ignore/overcome the rules. Sometimes I feel as if an entire broken social pact were in place. Of course, there's virtually no access to justice to the average individual.
What do you think?

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