Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Translating the Emerging Conversation into Portuguese - III

Consider Europe, a post-Christian region. (I suppose the de facto religion in Europe is the Islam)
How may we translate the religious news from Europe to Brazil?
- Well, that's quite a generic question, Gustavo!
I know, I know. Bear with me.
Consider this:
- Christians are a minority in Europe
- Despite the rich Christian history at hand in Europe, the newer generation has no references. The symbols and language of Christiany mean almost nothing to them.
My conclusion: they are in a good position to reinvent their expressions of Christianity, which is a good thing. What are the hints to me? Alt.worship. I like alt.worship a lot. The Greenbelt festival. Ikon. And so on.

While we, Brazilians, may find weird and may even be shocked at some of the religious manifestations coming from Europe (both from christians and agnostics), we should learn how to express and incarnate the Gospel in our Brazilian culture. We, Brazilian Christians from many parts of the spectrum, are still not well versed in how to embbed ourselves in our own culture. We are still not good at setting appart what is not essential. We are still not good at letting go concepts and practices of a biased evangelical subculture. We still carry a weird bagage of misconceptions.

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