Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Software Reuse is Bad For You - II

On Software Reuse

(Note: I don't actually mean that software reuse is bad for you)

"You" this time is the developer. Developers in this industry move frequently between companies. The idea is that software that is reusable, easy to extend, easy to integrate is more difficult to create (and easier to maintain). If a developer stays a short period in the company, why should he/she bother to spend the extra time to create software with these long-term qualities? More often than not these good qualities are 'invisible' and not immediately recognized by local management or the customer. My advise to local management? Check out which software or modules have less maintenance, look at the software and think about the reasons why. My advise to customers? Learn more about software quality. Ask tough questions not only about what will work for you tomorrow but years from today.

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