Monday, January 05, 2009

Translating the Emerging Conversation into Portuguese - II

When translating the Emerging Conversation into Portuguese, consider the 'Yes We Can' factor.
Let me try to explain the 'Yes We Can' factor. It is a belief that things are possible. That an average person can carry out an endeavour and things will follow.
Culturally, I think that the 'Yes We Can' factor is a byproduct of the strong economy in the US. Yes, the current sense that the economy is not doing well is a small speck in the large historical trend of prosperity in the US. The underlying capitalistic view entrenched in the subconscious of most of North Americans stimulates them to venture into new business without fear. As long as they have the right ideas and the right tools everything else will follow.
So, in the emerging conversation, all one needs is to reimagine church, and there you go. Things will magically happen.
Not so in Brazil. Oh, yes, in Brazil we have been vaccinated against the Pollyanna syndrome. You may work hard, but there comes the thief and takes it away from you. Or there comes the government and overnight your money is locked in the bank without reach. Your rights are suppressed daily along with your democratic voice, and there's nothing you can do about it. The motto won't be 'Yes We Can'. Perhaps it will be 'Let's Pray So That We'll Be Able To'. Yes, because things will only happen with the divine intervention.

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