Friday, August 01, 2008

Cracked display, FutureShop's warranty

This is my father's Acer notebook. We bought it at FUTURESHOP here in Ottawa. As you can see it has a cracked display. We bought the 'extra-super-duper-extended-valid-all-over-the-world' warranty, so that if it broke in Brazil my father could fix it there under the warranty. The display cracked alone, likely wiggling in the passenger's seat of my father's car. 100% sure it didn't fall. I managed to bring the notebook to Canada to get it fixed. But the warranty didn't cover it. That's right, it was considered 'abuse', even though I explained it wasn't abuse, that it happened all of a sudden with normal use. It's in the fine print. I get angry because it's not abuse but they use the word anyways. Why not call it accident? They would charge me $400 to get it fixed (and a new notebook was $499). I now use it anyways with the cracked display. I may get a flat panel monitor one day to use with it.
Conclusion: 1- I'll never buy extra warranties at FutureShop because they are bad. 2-Notebook displays crack easily.

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