Friday, May 16, 2008

Where are the podcasts, Zune?

This is the Zune software upgrade. It tells me not to disconnect my Zune player. That it will take "a minute". Then a message appears saying that my USB device wasn't recognized (note the bottom right in the image below). I waited for about 30 minutes. No CPU activity, no swap, no change in the screen. What would you do? Would you risk loosing your 500 song collection?

I disconnected my device, reconnected it, crossed my fingers. And it worked. Wew!

Hey, where can I find the podcast directory? The 'marketplace' or whatever? It's gone! Gone, gone.

Perhaps because I'm in Canada? But I bought it in the US... And registered the product. Moreover, there is no documentation or FAQ that tells me how to search for podcasts. I guess they designed the software so that I must search for podcasts in iTunes, copy the URL and then paste it in Zune.

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