Sunday, March 30, 2008

Winter in Canada (photos)

Some photos of this winter in Canada from CBC.ca. / Fotos deste inverno no Canadá do site CBC.ca.

Shovelling was a communal affair on this Montreal street following the weekend storm. (Submitted to CBCNews.ca by Michael Vesia)

A stop sign in Ottawa is buried by snow on March 9. (submitted to CBCnews.ca by Jan Rourke)
( I live in Ottawa ! )

Neighbours in Ottawa helped each other clear the heavy snow on March 9. (Submitted to CBCNews.ca by Justin Van Leeuwen)
( Yes indeed )

Ice coats a chilly Yellowknife on Feb. 2. (Submitted to CBCNews.ca by Linda Dufour)

Ray Seed of Orleans, Ont., was up early, at 6:30 a.m., on March 8 starting the almost futile job of digging out as the storm moved into eastern Ontario. (Submitted to CBCNews.ca by Ray Seed)

( Orleans is my neighbourhood here in Ottawa !)

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