Sunday, March 09, 2008

Hilton Suites Margarita, Venezuela

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This is what they mean by "Internet access" in the Hilton. It's two sofas in front of the elevators in the 1st floor. You put your notebook in your lap and that's it. There's only one power outlet enough for one notebook. So you're luck if you get the left spot in the first sofa. The mirror is strategically positioned so that everybody can see your screen, including folks from the elevators.

These are the showers beside the swimming pool. The handles are iron cords, hard to pull and very hard on your hands.

The air conditioning was making a terrible noise. It was fixed by the technician.

A detail of the door knob:

My friends asked me not to post only the bad stuff :) so I'll put a nice photo of the pool here:

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