Friday, December 09, 2005


Again, continuing on the list of things to do after a Master thesis, here is the web site that allows people to quantitatively evaluate products (and governments!! and companies!! and soccer players!!) This will be kool! Think of two layers of the site exposed. One lower layer provides primitives that allow the computation and creation of formulas based on raw ontologies. The upper layer is for the average Joe, with reviews, grades about products, alers, averages, rich searches, historical trends. The election of the criteria deserves some attention. Beeing free to have the evaluation criteria itself to be an ontology would be kool! But perhaps too flexible to start with in a commercial product? Hey, I can foresee books on Amazon.com about how to use the service. The only thing is how to make money out of it... Isn't that a nice open-source project?

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