Wednesday, December 14, 2005

On beeing a "cold" Canadian

As typical north-americans, Canadians can be seen as 'colder' in general than Brazilians. Not that being "colder" is bad. Not at all! It's just different from other cultures. At least with regards to public behaviour. I think two things contribute to this behaviour:
- cold weather and driving distances. Because the weather is colder, people interact with each other in different ways. Canadians don't just hang outside during Winter... So it's natural to interact differently with people. Driving distances are also responsible in part for the 'problem'. If you walk around your neighbourhood odds are you'll get to know your neighbours better. I have a feeling that Canadians hate smalltalk with neighbours.
- static chocks. Yes, static chocks make Canadians "colder" people towards each other. That's because you avoid kissing other people because of static chocks.

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