Friday, December 09, 2005

New York, New York

New York, New York! The land of consumerism! In this trip to New York it became apparent how much americans love consumerism. It's a big push on everybody to buy and buy and buy. Especially this time of the year, near Christmas. Before I used to think that the idea of city identities, or costumes wasn't valid. I thought that humans shared common basic needs and aspirations, and the culture of cities was just a matter of perception and marketing. I think I was wrong. Take driving, for instance. Driving in New York is bad and drivers don't respect each other. But it's not as bad as Montreal. And São Paulo in Brazil is worst than New York. And here in Ottawa everybody behave behind theirwheelss. But back to consumerism, geez! They find ways to really spend money for things of little value. It's the proof that individualism, capitalism and consumerism prevails in the U.S.

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