Monday, December 19, 2005

Java and Web Services

I just downloaded the Java package for web services - the Java Web Services Developer Pack. I couldn't use it. I just want to write a web services client out of a WSDL. I just want to generate the client. But I have to download a big J2EE web container. Then I need to understand how a certain service registry works. Then I'll need to have all that going and launching here and there from command line. Then I'll have to fight with CLASSPATHs including 1001 .jar files, and version of this XML package, and that other one. And after 10 hours it won't work. I hope it's easier with Microsoft .NET. I wish I could import the WSDL in Visual Studio .NET, or run some kind of wizard there.

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Anonymous said...

Let´s see Gus . . .
well . . . it seems complicated!!! I think you better chill man, you know,go for a drive, eat out while you wait the 10hours to download this crazy stuff,man. hehehe . . . your sis´