Wednesday, June 10, 2009

There is a church

There is a church in Ottawa
that preaches the Gospel
where people care for each other
that is mindful of the state of the world and is truly preocupied with it
that practices their faith
that has a sense of community
that encourages participation of all
that feels empathy for those who suffer near and far
that cares for the outcast, forgotten and disabled
that takes the Scriptures seriously
that cares for children and treats them with respect
whose members come from all different backgrounds
with members in all diferent stages of life
with members that do missions
with members who express empathy by adopting children
with members who are truly commited to other members
that sings with gladness
that is comptempt with simplicity
that is involved with peace and reconciliation
that does not shy away from difficult subjects

That church is called the Ottawa Mennonite Church.

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