Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My daily SharePoint frustration - IX

The problem:
My custom list item form (custom ASP.NET page) for a new item wouldn't appear.

The symptom:
When I went on to create a new item, I got the standard SharePoint page and not my custom ASP.NET page.

I was setting up a Feature with a list template. I had a schema.xml file and a NewProductForm.aspx generated from SharePoint Designer. I put NewProductForm.aspx in the same directory of schema.xml and changed the Forms section in schema.xml to 'register' the new form.

The fix:
Removing the SetupPath attribute from the Form element solved the problem.

What led me to the fix:
I said 'abracadabra', threw salt over my left shoulder, read about How SharePoint Forms Work and this article about Custom List Feature Definition.

Time wasted:
3 hours

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