Thursday, October 06, 2005

University of Ottawa

If you are looking for a University to persue your graduate studies in Canada, don't choose the University of Ottawa. I haven't had any support from it. I have no funding as a part-time student. The only request for travel that I had was denied because I wasn't a full-time student. I ended up paying to go to the conference in Europe out of my own pocket (ouch). My supervisor quit the university and went to Laval. He was very honest saying that the University here didn't have fair ways to evaluate the professor's performance. The Director of the Faculty of Computer Science was kind enough not to reply to my request to take credit for a course I took before formally registering in the program. Then this same director rejected my thesis title, saying that I had to have a supervisor locally from the University, despite the fact that my supervisor was still an adjunct professor at the University of Ottawa.

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