Tuesday, October 25, 2005

left behind III

I didn't like the movie. I went to see it in its debut last Friday with the Church's Youth group. What an American bias to the whole idea of world! Jez! The UN is the Devil, and will be there to persecute the (american) christians. Jez! And the Devil speaks Russian! And the Chinese are in the Axil of Evil! Oh boy, that's bad, very bad. The scene where they show the poison being sprinkled over the Bibles is just ridiculous. At the end, I didn't get why there was war. Of course there needs to be war and terror. The movie plays with the feelings of insecurity in the minds of the american christians to manipulate them in their world-view. I just don't see the point in discussing and showing terror 'in the future', as if there were no terror here and now. Just look at children dying of AIDS/HIV daily. That's terror. That's the true Left Behind that the american christians don't want to see.

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