Thursday, October 20, 2005

Humdrum using Cygwin

I'm very impressed with Humdrum. It seems to be a nice software created by musicians for musical analysis! It seems that again no 'computer scientist' was excited to give a hand to the project. I suspect that because the installation and documentation are somewhat obscure. Here is how one can install Humdrum using Cygwin:
1- change 'uncompress' to 'gunzip -d' in humunix
3- create an empty .profile file somewhere - say /thesis/humdrum1.0/
2- do an install.ksh linux
4- change .profile to be something like
export TMPDIR; TMPDIR=/tmp
export HUMDRUM; HUMDRUM=/thesis/humdrum1i
export AWK_VER; AWK_VER=awk
export CON; CON=/thesis/humdrum1.0/error

( replace proper path to humdrum )
Notice that CON points to a file called error (you have to create this file)

5 - issue make commands separately for each subdirectory under csource.
6- for each command above, copy the executable to the bin directory
7- copy all executables in csource.dos to the bin directory.

I couldn't get MIDI and perform to work yet... You may find some other problems here and there. The procedure above hasn't been fully tested.

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