Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Monjolo - 4

 After the ordeal, families at Núcleo Rural Monjolo were asking the government "why?", "what's the plan?", "how long?", all reasonable questions. After months of questions and no answers and no actions, it became clear that the government wasn't going to do anything. Families insisted to call the media to go there. Most of the time, the media went there and the government answered that they were working to solve all the problems. There was an instance when a local newspaper went there. In the printed story the government falsely reported that they distributed construction material and food to the local residents. Many people report that they just couldn't talk to anyone from the government when they tried to go to the governmental building complex (which, of course, is far away from where they are).
  Since 2008 until today many other removals happened at Cidade Estrutural. They removed more families to Monjolo and to other areas. At Monjolo alone today there are 70 families that were displaced by the government in other areas. This year alone there were at least 2 removal operations. In one, about 1 month ago, of them government employees threatened a family of a single mother with 6 children. They said that if she didn't leave that they would take away her children. She decided to lock herself in her house. The government employees decided to break into her home. They fought. Neighbours came bringing their cellphones with cameras. She still refused to leave and they left. Her neighbour wasn't so lucky. They convinced her to leave.
 Another removal operation happened about 3 months ago at Cidade Estrutural. And that's at Cidade Estrutural alone.
  I didn't mention the removal operations from Brazlândia, that happened one month ago. They were 800 families (yes, 800 families) living under 250 tents that occupied a piece of land far away in the District, and police went there to remove them.

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