Saturday, December 02, 2006

Orleans -> Hull - commute times

I finally calculated the average commute time driving to work in Hull from Orleans. The result: Nicholas is the best route averaging 28 minutes. Rockliffe is the 2nd best route averaging 29 minutes. Vanier Parkway is the worst route, averaging 36 minutes. Interestingly, Rockliffe's standard deviation (4.15) is smaller than Nichola's (7.05), probably because of the traffic jams near Blair and the 417 junction that I cut in the former. I haven't consolidated the times, but it looks like that if I leave home during rush hours it's best to take Rockliffe, whereas if I leave home not during rush hours the Nicholas route is the best.

(Hey, this blogging software is bad. It doesn't let me upload a picture in IE 7. That's after I 'upgraded' the blog... that's why computers have a terrible reputation: because of bad software. Firefox saved the day)

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