Thursday, October 05, 2006

Theological Conversation with Miroslav Volf

Yes, good conversations. I subscribed to the "Emergent Podcasts" from the emergentvillage.com. There are some interesting stuff there. Driving through Rockliffe I listened to one of the conversations with Miroslav Volf. As we say in Portuguese, "que viagem!" ("what a trip!" or something like "the guy is out-to-lunch!") It was interesting to hear his comments about atheists proximity to God and comment on an imaginary church of atheists with a beliving pastor. The other funny part is his story about his 'spiritual director' (whatever that means) that gave up on him. And his 'spiritual excercises' listening to 'God speak with an Irish accent on his Treo'.
The other interesting part was to think about what would or will be the Brazilian Emerging Church (igreja emergente no Brasil). The reality of christianity in Brazil is very different from that of the US and even Europe. Whereas in the North they are worried about conservative/liberal-related dilemas, in Brazil the context is very different. Why would a Brazilian christian worry about issues on gender, homossexuality, theology of attonement, etc with the terrible levels of violence and the social disparity in Brazil?

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