Saturday, September 30, 2006

Crossing the Chasm

This is a good book.

Crossing the Chasm (Paperback)
by Geoffrey A. Moore
Publisher: Collins; Revised edition (August 20, 2002)
ISBN: 0060517123

It started well with interesting ideas and definitions. It has a very accurate description of people's roles in each market. However, after page 40 or so I read some fuzzy expressions as I always do in Marketing. By reading the author's bio I thought he would have more formalism and a systematic approach to the problem with better justification and better modeling of the problem, but that is not the case. That doesn't mean the book is not good. I guess it may make more sense to those that speak the same dialect. Maybe the good business people are predestined, elected and initiated into the mystery of how to make money and maybe the book makes more sense to them. Or it may have in it a bit of the notorious marketing mask and language that is disconnected with reality.

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