Sunday, November 26, 2006


Here it is, Buy Nothing Day once again and the frenzied shopping begins. Every year the Goliath of Consumerism walks toward us, and each year he is a couple feet taller, with global warming and market-driven wars at his back. Only the

products have changed, last year the X-Box 360 and now the Playstation 3. Sound like weapon systems. How do you stanch the tsunami of corporate pixels? We offer our clowning, our faith, and ask you for yours. We suffer from the anxiety that we are too late in an addicted world, and my hair follicles want a break, but here it is: Buy Nothing Day in the USA.We start at 5 AM, duct-taping Reverend Billy's Christmas Commandments to big box front doors, and pastoring to the sinners waiting for their Lake of Hellfire to engulf them. We'll criss-cross the city preaching the Gospel of Buylessness.At 3 PM, we invite you to gather with us at Soho Square Park, Spring and 6th Ave. Wear red - we will go "traffic-jamming" on our way to Old Navy. We'll hand out global warming info to the folks stuck in their box-filled SUVs. The Stop Shopping Gospel Choir will be there in full voice.The Shopocalypse Tour schedule is at Reverendbilly.org. Our "Save Christmas" show is at Cooper Union's Great Hall on Sun Dec 10th.Stop Shopping! Start Living!
Buy Nothing Day With Reverend Billy and the Church Of Stop Shopping
Contact: Michael O'Neil michael@revbilly.com 917-825-35623 PM, Soho Square Park, Spring and 6th, New York City.
Wear red. Please forward widely.

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